Monday 24th February 2014



The Affordable Care Act: Act 1

I have watched the battles waged over the Affordable Care Act, or “Obama Care”, as some label it. I support this act because over the nearly forty years I worked in education I knew many parents who wanted but could not afford health insurance for their children. They sent their sick children to school because at least there they would be given an aspirin or Tylenol and allowed to rest in the nurse’s office. If they stayed home, either the parent had to miss work, i.e. no pay that day, or the child would be home alone with their illness. In dire conditions, the emergency room was their doctor’s office. I see this act as a gift to those parents and a road to a healthier population.
The latest naysayers’ reports state that ACA will cause an estimated 800,000 workers (Editorial on 2/6/14in the Daily Progress) to forgo full-time jobs for part-time jobs in order to gain cheaper health care. While this may be true for a segment of the population, I think most people, when offered a fulltime job that would improve the quality of their lives, would not reject it because their health insurance would be higher if they took the job. To them, paying their bills, providing for their family, and being a productive member of our society would weigh more than cheaper health care costs.

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