An Attitude Tune-up

02 Oct 2016


An Attitude Tune-up

I got an attitude tune-up this morning.
I had dropped my daughter off at work and was on my way home. I was traveling through a residential neighborhood on my way to 64. A school bus turned on my street, put on its flashers, put out its stop sign, and came to rest in front of a house. I watched a man walk his small child (kindergartener or first grader) across the street in front of the bus, help him up the first step, and wait until the boy had climbed all the steps and started down the aisle, before he went back across the street and into his house. The ordinary act of a father putting his son on the school bus in the morning.
But here is where my attitude adjustment came in. This man looked nothing like a typical city father. It would have seemed more appropriate if he had been straddling a monster Harley Davidson. He wore a do-rag on his head, had long hair and a long beard, and wore a wife-beater tee shirt. I like to think I don’t judge people on their appearance, but had I had seen this man at a gas station, I would have pigeonholed him. I would not have envisioned him as a loving father. Yet I had seen the interaction with my own eyes. I was reminded that we are all multi-layered. The man may have been a tough hog riding hellion, but he was also a father who was tender and gentle with his young son. He may also have been a devoted husband, and a hard, loyal worker. I was reminded to not judge anyone as I cannot know all the parts of their personality; to see the spark of God in all and accept them as they are.


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