Monday 12th June 2017



Going Backward

I am amazed that there are still institutions and people in this country that object for birth control for women. It’s been over forty years since the Pill came on the market for common use. At that time the Catholic Church was vehemently opposed to its members using something to prevent a pregnancy. They saw it as against God’s will. But here we are in 2015. It is the norm for women to have the choice of conception or not. Now there are many more ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, thankfully.
But there is an upsurge of organizations fighting the Affordable Health Care Act by refusing to allow their insurance to pay for birth control for its insurees. They say making birth control available to women violates their religious beliefs. Not abortions or the Morning After pill. Birth control. I wonder where this increase in religion trying to go back to controlling a woman’s body is coming from.


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